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Nur Hafizah

I would like to thank the school for helping both my boys to conquer their fear of water. Although they haven’t perfect their stroke yet, I’m still extremely proud of them. They have gain so much confidence and become much more comfortable in the water in just 3 months! Previously, they wouldn’t even dare to step foot inside the swimming complex. I’m very impress and grateful to be referred to such a qualified instructor by your school. The best part of it all is that they look forward to the next swimming lesson and would always chase me to be on time for their lesson!


Tan Swee Keng

I’m so glad that I registered with your school for the adults swimming lesson. Being 16 years old and not being able to swim can be quite embarrassing. At first, I thought I would have to train with people younger than me. I was very worried about being humiliated in front of kids. Thankfully, your school have a course just for adults. It was a wonderful experience because I not only managed to pick up a life skill, but I also managed to make many new friends and swim buddies. Thank you for the wonderful experience!


Mohammad Ashraf

Finding a responsible private instructor has been quite a challenging task for me. My daughter’s previous instructors were either just unreliable or always late. Even my daughter didn’t feel like continuing on with swimming. Thankfully, I came across your website. I was quite hesitant initially as I was afraid the same thing would happen again and this time my daughter will definitely quit. I decided to give it a last shot and my efforts paid off! The instructor you referred to us is professional, reliable and never late! It has been close to 6 months since my daughter started with your instructor and I can really see the progress and improvement. I would recommend others to try your school for sure!


Sharon Wong

The ladies swimming lessons have really been useful for me. This is coming from someone who has an extreme fear of water. Lessons started out with building our water confidence, which I felt was fundamental. Gradually, it went on with skills and techniques before progressing to the strokes. I felt comfortable as the instructor is a lady herself, so she understood our body types better and what we are experiencing.  I would personally like to thank your school and your coordinators for all the help.



I signed up for the private lesson with a friend of mine as we wanted a crash course in swimming. Although the cost is higher, we both agree that it would be more worthwhile. As we already knew the basics of swimming such as water treading, our coach was able to cater the lesson to our needs. That was exactly what we wanted when we signed up! Apart from that, the coach also help us in our stroke correction. Whenever we made a mistake, he will point it out to us and allow us to repeat the step again correctly. So far, my friend and I both agree that it has been a fruitful experience and we intend to continue further.

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