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How to Tread Water

Treading water is one of the most basic survival swimming skill. It is a method of staying afloat by keeping your head above the water and it should be learnt before the actual swimming strokes.



1. The most fundamental thing is to use all your arms and legs to assist you.

2. Keep your head above the water surface and breathe through your nose or mouth. Once your head starts to submerge below the water, you will start to panic, making it more challenging for others to rescue you if you’re drowning.

3. Move your arms in a horizontal motion. If you move them up and down, your body will move up initially, but move down again eventually. Therefore, move your arms forward and backward by closing your hands and facing them in the direction that your arms are moving. This will keep you afloat.

4. Either kick your legs or move them in a circular motion. If you decide on kicking, point your feet, kick fast and be constant. If you decide moving your legs in a circular motion, keep your feet stiff and do not point them.



  • For beginners, try using floating devices to stay afloat and start from the shallow end.
  • It will be easier to float if the water has more salt or sugar.
  • Relax and conserve your energy as the longer you tread water, the more tired you will be.
  • Ensure that a lifeguard is around in case anything happens.

Equipment Required

  • Swimming pool
  • Goggles
  • Swimming attire
  • Lifeguard (for safety precautions)

In order to learn the various swim strokes, you’ll need to start from the basic, which is to tread water. For beginners, it might not be the easiest of all tasks as you might not be doing it right. Hence, we would recommend a professional instructor to assist you. At least with someone watching, it would be safer and your mistakes will be corrected. This will enhance your techniques and learning.

So if you’re looking for a professional instructor to assist you, visit our website here. If you do decide to sign up, just fill up the form, click send and await for our coordinators to call. They will make the further arrangements with you. Remember, to be able to swim well, you have to master your basic techniques first. Without the proper and precise technique in place, it might cause you to take a longer time to pick up swimming than you normally would with the help of a professional instructor.

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