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The freestyle or front crawl, is one of the most popular and common swimming strokes used in competitions, according to the rules of the Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA). The reason is because of all the styles, the freestyle is usually the fastest.



1. As you pull one arm through the water, bring the other arm forward again above the water. Keep alternating between the two arms.

2. Firstly, pull your arm down and bend your elbow to keep your hand either alongside your body or in front of your chest. Straighten your elbow to push your hand down as your hand goes pass your waist. Keep your fingers together and bend them slightly.

3. After you finish the stroke with one arm, bring it forward with your elbow out and up. Bring your hand just above the water as you pull with the other arm.

4.When you pull with your right arm, roll your right shoulder forward and down as your arm touches the water. Bend your right elbow roughly ninety degrees and cup your palm slightly while you pull it towards your chest. Initiate the next stroke by reaching forward with the left arm and continue with your elbow bent and palm cupped.

5. Use a flutter kick, alternating between your legs, while keeping your knees straight and toes pointed.

6. Kick just under the water surface and breathe while you kick.

7.  Breathe when your mouth is out of the water by turning your head to the right while pulling your right arm past your chest. Take a quick breath on your right side as you roll onto your left side. While underwater, breathe through your nose so that you do not need to exhale the last bit of air while you inhale on your next breathing stroke. Breathe between every two to three strokes.

8. Only turn your arms and shoulders when you do a stroke and not your head. Your head will only move if you have to breathe.



  • To swim faster, take shorter and quicker breathes.
  • Breathe after every three strokes.
  • Tilt your head slightly and keep your body straight to increase your speed.
  • Don’t forget your basic kicking and breathing.
  • A good instructor is always better than the Internet.

Equipment Required

  • Swimming pool
  • Goggles
  • Swimming attire
  • Lifeguard (for safety precautions)
Hence, if you are looking to learn the proper techniques and skills from a good instructor, you can do so with us! Simply visit our website and make a registration on your preferred type of lesson. Our coordinators will then get back to you and make the necessary arrangements. We are definitely looking forward to see you at the pool!
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