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Benefits of Swimming


Don’t you guys agree life is better with swimming? We are encouraging everyone to learn swimming. Swimming is offering the whole package for workout. We are talking about from head to toe. Swimming helps us to gain in every aspect of life. Why swimming?

Life-saving skills


Swimming is an essential skill and also a lifetime skill.  Essential in term of developing a range of skills in personal survival and prevent an individual from unintentional drowning. Swimming saves lives and reduces risk from drowning.

Swim with no limit


Swimming is a workout we can do in our entire life. It is beneficial for all kind of people from baby to toddler, toddler to adult, serious or beginner athletes, pregnant woman, recovering from injuries or disabilities. Mainly is because it provides us a very good low impact which is the best for our joint and bones. For swimming, age is just a number.


Burn calories and shape up


Swimmers can choose the intensity level. It can be an effective cardiovascular workout or easy and comfortable workout. No matter which intensity we swim, swimming works many different muscles on our body ranging from arm to core and legs. It can help to build a lean muscle or shape up and boost up our metabolism.

Maintain healthy body

Swimming requires our cardiovascular system and muscles to work differently and totally different with land workout. Mainly is the lung needs to adjust a new way of breathing unlike any others workout. This is why swimming helps to increase lung capacity and keeps the heart rate up. Naturally it reduces asthma symptom and maintain a healthy lung and heart. It also helps in term of cholesterol and blood sugar.


Water is good. Basically it neutralizes the gravity.  This is why we love to surrender ourselves to the water and feel the buoyancy. So pool or beach might be the best place for a great recreational activity. It is about time to dip into the pool and make a splash.


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